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Sauron, Elendil and Isildur

I'm extremely pleased with these figures. I was attempting to get the Sauron figure to look as much like the movie as I could, as opposed to the paint job done by Games Workshop, which I felt added colors that weren't present. In Fellowship of the Ring, this scene is given a strange lighting to exagerate the sense of being time lost, and I wanted to capture that Sauron. What I ended up noticing was that in most of the photos of this scene, Sauron has a blue-green tint to his armor.

I used the Lover's Point sand (which is heavier grain sand,) to on both figures to create an impression of rockiness as is appropriate for this scene in the movie. I went with the browns (Scorched Earth and Snakebite Leather) as I felt there was less chance of loosing the figures in those colors than there was in using a series of gray tones that would have been more accurate to the movie scene.

Elendil and Isildur were painted as much like the Games Workshop version as possible. I didn't want to try to get that strange gray historical lighting on figures that were so small and would likely never be used, and frrankly, they look fine this way.

Sauron was the easy part of this job, really. That is, once I got him assembled. It took a good deal of filing, drilling and pinning, and finally some green stuff to complete this big boy.

Once that was done, he was painted black and then his armor was lightly drybrushed with Boltgun Metal. I wanted the armor to look metallic with out being nice and new like Chainmail results in, and I wanted only minimal metal at this stage. I then mixed equal parts blue and green ink, unthinned. This resulted in a sickly set of colors that I think captures the colors in the photos as well as give Sauron a corrupt and befouled image. It should be noted that his mace is a bit more blue, and I don't know why, but I like it. I then lightly drybrushed him again with Boltgun Metal. His cloak was highlighted very lightly with hand mixed gray and then some smudges of Snakebite Leather were added to make him seem to have a bit of grime about his cloak.

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