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These are figures from Wizards's now cancelled Chainmail game. The bulky little guy is a minor demon called an Abyssal Maw. I start with a black base on all of my figures any more. He was then drybrushed with greens to bring out the wrinkly nature of his skin. His teeth were painted Skull White than given a wash of Snakebite Leather, a Citadel paint. Some Scab Red (another Citadel color) was added around his mouth to give a bloody look. The base is sand from Asilomar (Thanks, Scott!) in PVA glue (Elmer's) that was based in Scorched Earth, then drybrushed with Snakebite Leather. Blood Red (yet another Citadel color) was used for his eyes, which were given a couple of coats of gloss varnish to make them shine.

Next is a hyena. Scorched Earth was dry brushed over black, which was further drybrushed in Snakebite Leather. the harness is Chaos Black with Boltgun Metal studs, and his teeth are with, with a little Scab Red around his muzzle. The base is sand from Lover's Point in Monterey/Pacific Grove (again, Thanks, Scott!) in PVA and painted with Scab Red and Blood Red. His eyes are also Blood Red.

Finally, we see a Gray Elf Duelist. His garb is Dark Angel Green and Camo Green on the sleeves and leggings, with gray on all of the leather, with Skull White on the armor appliques. I used a little drybrushing to find the details of those appliques, then cleaned them up with a fine brush. His skin is Bronzed Flesh over Scorched Earth, and his hair is Golden Yellow mixed with Skull White drybrushed. His base is mixed sand from both the previously mentioned locations, painted like the Abyssal Maw's. His sword and daggers are Chainmail and Burnished Gold. The leather is Snakebite Leather, and his sash is Regal Blue with increasing amounts of Skull White for highlights.

Drybrushing figures rather prominently in my style. It works very well for a blended look, and works great for natural surfaces.

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